How To Get The Elven Pyro

This item is tremendously powerful for low-level (level7) which gives a huge advantage to other low-levels :). This is useful until level 9 because low-damage for 2-handed weapon ,but still can be useful for 'Defensive' purposes.

Bonus Stats:
+2 Attack , +16 Armour , +250 Health
Special Effect:
Inflicts (1-275) direct damage 25% of the time when attacking

Here are the steps How To Get this Item:

1. Fist go to the "Cave of the Dead" and just fight alone with Skeleton Mage until you luckily found the 'Map Fragment'. You just need 1 Fragment and you are all way to go (as of now this is the requirement but it may change prior to the creator)

Skeleton Mage

Mag Fragment

2. Once You found the Fragment proceed to 'Elven Passway' and fight alone the only Mage there which is the 'Elven Mage' then until you found the 'Elven Pyro'

Elven Mage


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How To Fight Boss With Your Team

Going in battle alone specially when your dealing a High-level Boss against you is really pain and time/energy consuming specially if you don't equiped with good gears. One best way to face this Big Monsters is too call for help from your team :).

Here are the steps how to call them if you need a helping a hand:
1. Once in your in the battle online your facebook chat . This will activate your "Invite" button in the Boss Panel.
2. Click the "Invite" and it will show all your friends list. Select the friend you want to help you but it should be he's in your Team.
3. A link will be sent to your friend and he needs to click it to direct him in your battle field.
the link is should be look like this :[USER-ID]

4. Now with your join forces you can enjoy killing your pray. You can also do the chat to make your strategy. Once the Battle end , the loot will be given to you and a compliment of "Thanks" to your partner :)

5. Using this link you can send this to your Team if you need help without going to the "Invite"[USER-ID]

Tips On Level Up

Here are some of my tips to gain more level

1. Equip your self with exp effects ring like "Royal Ring for Beginner" and "Royal Ring of Advancement", this two ring the most important gear if you want to have easy leveling. If you can afford to have "R-Ring of Advancement" then have it as soon as possible. Always look around in the 'Auction' sometime there are desperate sellers which giving their gears at low price.

If you don't want to buy it in auction or trading , then use your diamonds. To buy this for 'Diamond' cost go to the "Armory King" most of the time its available and it will just cost you '25d'. Not bad to invest for it and start for great advantage.

2. Gear up with advance level gears as per level. Here are some recommended gears per level.

Level 1 - 10

level 11 - 15

Level 16-18

3. Keep on Defense-Mode when your leveling or fighting some Boss. You don't know who gonna attack while your leveling. And you don't have to rush for the kill remember your aiming for exp per attack not per kill.

4. Go for 'Help' to 'BackUp' this way it will give you extra bonus pts from fighting the Boss. It will give you 8pts per attack and its way better than killing mini-bosses which consumes you a lot of energy per kill. Imagine killing the Magister will gives you more than 220pts but its depends your energy and rate of survival.

5. In battling with Bosses , defense is the best offense. Remember you don't need a quick blow to fight the boss. No matter how fast you have killed your Boss, it will still give you the same exp pts. and putting yourself in defense will keep you safe in any PVP hunter.

6. Maximize your energy. gear up with Energy boost gears like 'Zombie Horse', 'Horse', and "fangthane'.

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Where to Level-Up

On every level you acquired there will be a better place to level up. Its not good to stuck your self in one place where a minimal pts of exp it gives you. For every certain level theres a good place to level up.

Level 1-10

The Cemetery (lvl 1 to 5 or 9)
In your starting level the "The Cemetery" is obviously the place for you to level up. Try to kill more "GraveDigger" until you can take the "Slayer". If you have advance gear then you take the Slayer easy. If you have 'Team' asking for backup then do it so, this will give you a better exp pts. , like +2pts per attack (8pts if you have 2 RRA). Its better to 'Help" for backup than to ask because it will give you more exp pts, but only if you like to gain exp against of having loot.

Elven Passway (lvl 4 to 5 --)
Once you have enough with slayer proceed to Elven-Passway, the enemies here are not good exp giver but some good loots and golds to drop. Its still better to hang around with Slayer as much as possible. If you don't have good gear then hang around here for the meantime and acquired all the gears you'll needed. After you got bored on leveling up here is the place to waster your energy for golds and PVP fights.

Cave of the Dead (lvl 6 to 12-)
Here is not a good place to loot neither to gain exp. For a low level like you they can kill you by a critical blow even you are equipped with advanced gear. People looting around here are just for hunting for 'Cloak gear' and 'Enchanted Dagger', once after you have these gears then this place is useless.

Magma Pits (lvl 7 to 15 -- )
If you can't take the "Tarasque" then start with 'Chrono Kur' and 'Ancestor' . For 4-en its not worth to waste and it just giving you 6xp (9xp for RRA) , but if you interested of getting 'Dragon Gem' then do its so. One good thing about this place "Tarasque" is always available and you can fight him anytime you like or 'Help' for backup for greater exp bonuses.

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How To Auction

Once the Tavern is available or as you get to level 3 you can now do the Auction, and to do it so you have to be in the Tavern place. Once you are in tavern you can now do two actions and its Banking and Auction.

These are the step by step to do the Auction.
1. Click the 'Auction' and it will take you to the Auction place.
2. You will listed item that are currently on Auction.
3. To 'Bid' or to 'Buy' the item you want just click 'Bid now'
4. On Bid , just put the 'saling price' , always keep on mind the surcharge and the charge of Auction. Its like (Ideal Price * 12%(surcharge) ) + 10(Auction Charge) = Total Price.
5. Put the time you want it to be posted on the List.

TIPS on Auctioning your Item.
1. To get the best sale , browse first all the items in Auction to find what is the best sale on the bid. This way you will have idea what is the item that are too low to bid or you sale for high.

2. Don't bid too high if your not sure how much the item cost, try to browse first what is the current price in the market.

3. Even the expensive item can be bid too low if you have the perfect timing . In Auction if the item has coming too common the price could be too low , but if the item too rare you can sale for as much as you can.

4. Beat the buzzer. If you want to out-bid the item , beat the buzzer before you put in your price. Atleast beat it with 5secs, its hard to get it on the right time but it could be master . Just try to click 'Auction' every sec's to refresh the list and refresh the time.

5. If you found a rare too cheap for its original price, take advantage to it. Bid for it and sale it later in the time when the demand rises.